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Coming from darkness into harsh daylight, one’s vision is obscured and the harsh contrast and highlights mistreat even the most beguiling subject. Shield your eyes, and squint, as your vision attempts to see past the light, as much a hindrance now as it should be an aid.


One might, from time to time, wonder if perhaps our perception of that which we believe to be important may in fact be somewhat illusory; as though, perhaps, the focus on our lens had simply been set slightly wrong. And thus, that which we thought to be in clear relief, we might later discover to properly be no more than an impression within an out-of-focus background.


It is interesting (is it not) to contemplate where the mind might go were it released from concerns of survival, status, security, and social obligations. An extended dream state, perhaps, in which the physically real were overlaid with the frantic cacophony of the social machine reverberating in the hills around you. One might find a secluded location on the shore and stare at the breaking waves and the rocks and the stars for a long time, imagining shapes in one’s mind to try and dim the sounds of the machine over the hill.

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