Scribbly Gum

A photograph taken late this afternoon in McKay Reserve. The tracks are caused–as I understand it–by the larvae of certain insects. The specific tree known as “Scribbly Gum” varies according to which region of Australia you are in, but here it refers to Eucalyptus Haemostoma, a vital component of the Pittwater Spotted Gum Forest ecological community. The cool thing (I think) about this photo is how it shows how the bark peels off showing different colours and sets of tracks in the bark.

2 thoughts on “Scribbly Gum

  1. johnr Post author

    Thanks Bruce! I was working on this one a bit again yesterday, still wrestling with the tone/brightness. Looking forward to more photo work now that it’s cooling down a bit and I’ve gotten myself mostly sorted with the redo of my photo workflow.

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