The lizard decided to move up to higher ground. I went around another path to find a vantage point. With a tripod now.

The Lizard in the Driveway

My driveway is just off a steep access road. As i drove up the access road, I saw a good-size branch near the foot of my driveway and figured it was probably big enough that I should stop and move it. Then the branch moved by itself.¬†Oh… wow, that’s a big one. I stopped the car and walked up towards the driveway to “scare” the lizard off it; it dutifully scooted up the steep slope next to the driveway and perched on a big rock above my head. Ah, time to get the camera! I dashed into the house and grabbed a camera without changing lenses. The lizard was still on the rock, and I was able to get a few shots of it before it disappeared into the scrub.

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