Something different from me today – doggy portraits. This is my new friend Charlie.

(Click on any image to view a slideshow of images at full size.)

Technical notes: many of the photographs taken with my Nikkor AF-s 300/4 lens. The colors from this lens are just great, I forget to use it because of its size but I think I will make a point to take it out more often. Mostly shot at f/5.6. Others with the AF-s 60/2.8.Β Images processed from RAW files from my Fuji S5 Pro, just basic contrast and cropping adjustments.

10 thoughts on “Charlie

  1. Little Sister

    I forgot to ask – how old is he? When did you get him? Is he a border collie? We’ll look after him when you need to go away!

  2. Suzi Poland

    Love these, especially the action shot in with ball in mouth. It looks like it was a fun day out. Dog sitting with photos as an extra, now that’s an idea! Ha Ha, I might just be calling you next holidays! :)Suzi

  3. John Reekie Post author

    You never know, you might catch me in a weak moment πŸ™‚ (Although I must warn you that there is a very rigorous and logical introduction process that must be followed.) What’s your dog’s name?

  4. Suzi Poland

    His Name is Toby and if I could figure out how to add a photo in a comment I would to help with that weak moment!

  5. John Reekie Post author

    Comments won’t take photos… sorry, it’s the nature of the beast πŸ™‚ Your blog will tho. But hey, we could always meet, the rigorous introduction process is going for a couple of walks and play (off leash) at the Bayview dog park before I take on any real responsibility πŸ™‚

  6. Bruce Usher Photography

    nice pics John …. must work out how to do the proff thing ( as above ) soon !

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