Charlie at Play


Last doggy pics from me, I swear – back to macro after this. I’ve been trying to take “action” photos of more than one dog, it’s pretty hard. Bugs are much easier…!

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As before, images taken with Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-s lens, Fujifilm S5 Pro camera.

3 thoughts on “Charlie at Play

  1. Bridget Bolliger

    No wonder Charlie loves you so much! She doesn’t have this much fun with me!! You’re a fabulous uncle and I can’t thank you enough for looking after her each week on the days where she would otherwise be stuck in the back yard all alone for hours and hours with nothing to do but totally destroy everything….. Every dog should have a kind uncle like you ! You’re the best. Thanks heaps x

  2. Suzi Poland

    That man is truly ambitious trying to sit, drink coffee, throw a stick and read a book in the middle of a dog beach! Is that drool or water? My favourite of Charlie is the close up of her panting which is always a sign a dog has had a good time. She is sooo photogenic and having had her visit my studio last week for a few hours, I think you really have captured her gentle engaging spirit. Well done, thanks for sharing 🙂

    P.S. Only a little bit of camera envy!!! Ha Ha. Look forward to the macros to come.

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