Charlie at Play


Last doggy pics from me, I swear – back to macro after this. I’ve been trying to take “action” photos of more than one dog, it’s pretty hard. Bugs are much easier…!

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As before, images taken with Nikon 300mm f/4 AF-s lens, Fujifilm S5 Pro camera.

Is it time to go to the dog park yet?

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Something different from me today – doggy portraits. This is my new friend Charlie.

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Technical notes: many of the photographs taken with my Nikkor AF-s 300/4 lens. The colors from this lens are just great, I forget to use it because of its size but I think I will make a point to take it out more often. Mostly shot at f/5.6. Others with the AF-s 60/2.8. Images processed from RAW files from my Fuji S5 Pro, just basic contrast and cropping adjustments.


It is interesting (is it not) to contemplate where the mind might go were it released from concerns of survival, status, security, and social obligations. An extended dream state, perhaps, in which the physically real were overlaid with the frantic cacophony of the social machine reverberating in the hills around you. One might find a secluded location on the shore and stare at the breaking waves and the rocks and the stars for a long time, imagining shapes in one’s mind to try and dim the sounds of the machine over the hill.

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My double latte... and a snack

Being normal at Zubi

I wonder if I’ve been spending too much time lately with long focal lengths and macro closeups. I decided to make a bit of a change, inspired by Bruce’s approach to experimenting with different things. So, a new project with a “normal” lens begins (as in focal length, which for me is my manual-focus 35mm f/2.0 lens).

Also – and again inspired by Bruce – I’m going to be shooting wide open or one stop down, to see what happens – it can be a bit hit-or-miss to nail focus wide-open, as digital SLRs don’t have the split-prism viewfinder of the older film SLRs. And finally, I’m going to shoot JPEG instead of RAW, as an experiment to see what happens when I do something I haven’t been doing for a while!

First up was Zubi cafe. Here’s my late-morning coffee, and a few other shots from Zubi. (Click on any image for larger.)

(All photos with my Fuji S5 Pro camera, Nikon 35mm f/2.0 lens, shot at f/2.0.)